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J.L. Taylor’s experienced team of industrial electricians, commercial electricians and designers offers commercial electrical contractor and industrial electrical contractor service and products that are energy-efficient and affordable, as well as being delivered on-time, every time.


Site Lighting

Site lighting can be a big culprit in high energy cost. Upgrading your old and outdated pulse start metal halide or high pressure sodium pole heads to new energy efficient LEDs or the Trydon Solution™ will save you money in both energy and maintenance. Whether you need to replace a rusted out pole, the luminaire or both we will show you the most efficient options.

EV Charging Station

As electrical experts we are offering turnkey EV charging station installs and offer this service to dealerships, business owners, and homeowners. Our team can assist clients in determining the best site for their turnkey EV charging station to that best meets all their charging system and site electrical load needs. We also help oversee all your electrical installation requirements.

Energy Audits

As a business you know firsthand cutting cost and saving money is a huge part of survival. You may be losing money every time you flip a switch or turn on a machine and not even know it. An energy audit will show you how to effectively correct, and optimize your buildings energy and help save you money.

Interior Build-Outs

Let us handle the electrical portion of your commercial build-out project. If you need a dimension of electrical design input – we will gladly give our input or help with a designer’s drawing. Our combined 40 years of electrical design build experience will prove to be the Cadillac of both cost value and sensible form.

Service Upgrades

Power Hungry? We can do that. We have over 40+ years of experience assisting Northeast Ohio customers with their upgrades to outdated or undersized electrical services. When complete, we share in the satisfaction of a project done right with deftness and speed while also reducing downtime to a minimum. Code-assist and engineering backed designs along the way aide tremendously in either drawing sourced or design-build approaches.

Explosion Proof Installations

Being in business over 40 years we have experienced many different types of build outs. Depending on the nature of your business you may need an explosion proof installation. We have electricians well qualified and experienced in this segment of our industry. Let us help in the design and installation of your hazardous classified area.

UPS Systems

Depending on your company, losing power for a split second may not be an option. Product that has been developing for months and thousands of dollars could be lost even with that split second power outage. An Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS System) provides seamless protection from a power outage. Though a UPS System cannot run for lengthy outages it allows time for your standby generator to spool-up. We offer quality UPS Systems, wiring, installations, and turnkey solutions in northeast Ohio.

Stand-by & Emergency Generators

Whether you’re a large data center, hospital, factory, machine shop, or a corporate office; loss of power can mean loss of money, customers and your reputation with those customers. The next time the power goes out, rest assured because you had a standby or emergency generator installed by the electrical professionals at the JL Taylor Company Inc.

Building, Equipment & Control Troubleshooting

When a problem arises time is of the essence. One machine being down can cost a company thousands. Our electricians combined with our knowledgeable office staff can help solve your problems and suggest the most efficient and cost effective solution.


With 40+ years of commercial/industrial design build experience in Cleveland, Ohio we are highly qualified to help with your new building, remodel, or space build-out. Whether a small office remodel or a 365,000 square foot new facility, we can help you design the most cost effective “value engineered” building possible. Let us help you design within your budget.

Electrical Service

Electrical problems? We can help. From power quality issues to burned-out lamps and ballasts, if it’s electrical, we can troubleshoot and correct your problems. We have qualified service techs at very competitive rates serving all of northeast Ohio.

Electrical Energy Savings & Predictive Maintenance

Are you getting the most out of your buildings electrical system? There are many factors that can affect this including poor and outdated lighting and a low power factor. We provide lighting design and retrofits to optimize your building with the most cost effective and energy efficient lighting systems that will save energy dollars and maintenance. Let us evaluate your facility.

New & Relocated Equipment Wiring

Whether new installs or just amending what you’ve got – we would like to help you plan, then implement the setup of wiring so that your machines and equipment have the shortest downtime possible. Be it asset list or walk-through assessment, we’ll take care to make your equipment work best for you.

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