There’s No “I” in LED: Tips on building an efficient team for your LED lighting retrofit project or new installation

Before we get started, let’s put the naysayers to bed and agree on some facts: 1) the Cavs won the NBA title, 2) LED lighting is here, it’s vetted and it’s time, and 3) reducing energy consumption makes financial sense and is the proper thing to do.

So you want to re-light your office, or you’re building a new office and/or warehouse. Who’s could you trust? Everyone seems to have a different idea about what’s important and which characteristics matter when it comes to high efficiency LED lighting. How do you get great lighting that meets all of your needs: proper illumination, energy efficiency, low maintenance, low first cost, and low lifetime cost? Much like LeBron, you need a team.

In this case, you need an architect, engineer, design/build electric contractor and a product expert agent. Each entity brings with it a discipline or expertise with regard to one aspect of the LED lighting system. The architect has to design a building and provide space for lighting. The electrical engineer provides wiring and compliance drawings. The design/build electrical contractor provides installation, ongoing maintenance and first-hand experience. The agent brings product expertise and a wide basket of options.

Two-way communication and dialogue are vital when putting together a lighting solution for a given space. It’s not just quick photometries to achieve foot-candles for the length-times-width. We, as whole solution designers, vendors and contractors tasked with welding together from and function, are the ambassadors of fantastic technology. Coupled with poignant education and knowledge of product, the end result of customer satisfaction is achieved through a cooperative effort.

The lore of LED-infused lighting is becoming reality. Factories and their agents, engineers, architects and contractors have taken up the cause. Drivers, modules, and arrays are now the norm when discussing lighting tech. Input watts are dropping like Siberian night-time temperatures, and luminaire efficacy keeps growing with hydroponic-like outcomes. The solution to implementing LED lighting is a changing landscape, but one that is attainable with collective resolve.

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